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Professional Custom Web Development for Small Business and Startups


I have over 10 years experience writing software. As a professional full-stack web developer, I am passionate about building web applications using modern technologies and best practices. The list below highlights a few of the sites I've built for clients.

Senior Web Developer/Architect

Product architect and lead responsible for end-to-end development of 2 major projects. The first, called Synergy, is a project management tool with CMS and CRM-type features customized for utility companies to help them manage schedules, budgets, and other items for the many vendors they work with. The second, called Civix is an online portal for submitting and managing permit or license applications. Bootstraped enginering team and managed developement, testing, and deployment operations.

Synergy Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard with sorting and search capabilities. Sidebar utilizes charts to analyze project data in meaningful ways.

Form Builder

The forms used to track project data can be constructed dynamically in an administration area. This page shows building a form from 'components' (commonly used sub-forms). The user can drag & drop a component from the list on the right into the center area to add it to a form, which will then be available on the site (or possibly a mobile app) for filling out by contractors and engineers in the field.

2016 - Present

Senior Web Developer/Architect

Designed and built 'collaborative writing' web application, allowing writers and editors to create novels and short stories working together online. Features included a simple chapter 'versioning system' allowing authors to save and retrieve previous versions of a chapter, internal voting system, and built-in notifications and direct messaging capabilities.

Demo video showing built-in private messaging system

Demo video showing archiving and periodic auto-saving of chapter drafts

2015 - 2016

Senior Web Developer

Implemented features such as dynamic playlist, and intelligent search filtering for leading aerial stock footage website. Work also included a complete re-write of the website's admin panel using Laravel MVC Framework.

Filtered Search Results

Search with sophisticated filtering UI (left), results (right), and customizable playlist (bottom).

2014 - 2015

Lead Web Developer

One Day on Earth was an annual project founded by a Santa Monica-based filmmaker. Starting on October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), thousands of volunteers worldwide shot footage documenting life on that day. The 'archive' lets viewers browse and watch the videos by location, keywords, and categories. I built the archive site implementing features such as keyword-based search, commenting, and user ratings. I also integrated the site with the Vimeo API to support both video playback, as well as the ability to upload new videos.

One Day on Earth Archive Map

Map-based UI showing locations where videos were shot on 10/10/2010. 'Cluster' icons in green show groups of videos, which can be clicked on to zoom into.


Pop-out sidebar contains video player, along with other information about the work, plus a playlist of related videos at the bottom.

2010 - 2013

Software Engineer

Before launching my freelance business, I worked as a full-time developer/engineer at several companies including Silicon Graphics, Equator, Pixelworks, Open Interface, and Pavia Systems. Tasks included VLSI design, embedded programming (C, C++), and PHP-based web development.

Github & Example Code

List Collector

A Laravel 5.x package inspired by iOS/Swift-style 'delegation' that allows clients to easily query 'listable' data with filtering, sorting, paging, etc.

A common use case is grabbing records from a database to feed to the DataTables jquery plugin.


Laravel Access Control

An alternative, role-based custom access control library for use in Laravel 5.x apps.

Github Access Control Code Snippet


Vue.JS "Note Taker" App

A Single-Page App that lets the user crate and edit notes. The UI also lets the user select a color for each note. Built with VueJS (no persitent storage)


More coming soon...


Programming Languages & Tools
  • MERN-like stacks: NodeJS + Express + NestJS | React | MongoDB | PostgreSQL + Sequelize
  • Fluency on all levels of the LAMP Stack: Laravel + PHP7 | Linux+CLI | Apache | MySQL
  • Javascript/ECMAScript 2017 | Typescript | AJAX/JSON | ReactJS | VueJS | JQuery
  • Bootstrap 4 | HTML 5 | CSS 3
  • Cloud Hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 & Load Balancing, Rackspace Cloud, CPanel
  • Version Control: github, mercurial, cvs
  • C (expert), C++ (advanced)
  • OAuth, Web 2.0 APIs (Facebook, Twitter, etc), REST, SSL, PHPUnit
  • Rapid prototyping using Agile Development & Iteration-based methodology
  • Test-Driven Design (TDD)
  • Excellent debug/troubleshooting skills: PHP Storm, Chrome Inspector, gdb


A snippet from my LinkedIn Profile showing references and recommendations from past clients and co-workers

Client References


University of Washington, Seattle WA

Masters in Electrical Engineering
Specialized in Image Processing and Embedded Programming

Wesleyan University, Middletown CT

Bahcelor of Arts in Physics


A few questions that may be on your mind...

  • Q: Las Vegas, Chicago, LA? Where exactly are you based?
    A: I'm based out of Las Vegas. After living in several west coast cities (Seattle, San Fran, and LA), I decided Las Vegas was the best place to grow a consulting business...good weather, low overhead, not too much traffic. Best of all, the airport is easily accessible and there are cheap flights to most major US cities (more on that below).
  • Q: So what's up with Chicago and LA?

    A: Chicago and LA are where most of my recent clients have been based. I lived in LA for several years and love the city, and I've been traveling to Chicago regularly the last 2 years to work onsite with a client there. Chicago has been growing on me with each trip and it's a place where I don't mind spending some time.

    As you may have guessed I don't mind traveling occasionally to work on-site with a client.

  • Q: How can I contact you?

    A: Please shoot me an email or text and we can setup a time to chat about your project!

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